Bonded Abrasives are made from Aluminium Oxide and made with Vitreous Bond (Glass). The mixture of abrasive grains is held together with vitreous materials (epoxy, resin, rubber, shellac, magnesite etc.). These bonding materials are often referred to as a ‘plastic’.

The abrasives industry is continually evolving and developing new types of abrasive grain and bonding products to increase the performance of the bonded abrasive product.

Each product is designed to give a specific finish from rough grinding through to ultra-fine polishing each product is optimised for speed of cutting and end product finishing

Bonded abrasives can be used to cut-off and to grind on different hand-held machines such as angle grinders and saws.

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125 x 6 x 31.75mm White Aluminium Oxide WA60K (Code MISC3289) Type 1 Straight wheel

Tool and Cutter Saw Grinding wheel 125mm diameter 6mm wide 31.75mm bore Type 1 Straight Wheel
$11.60 excl tax

180mm diameter x 6mm wide x 31.75mm Bore White Aluminium Oxide (Code S180x6x31.75 )

Surface Grinding Wheel 180mm diameter 6mm wide 31.75mm bore White Aluminium Oxide Maximum Operating Speed 3,710 RPM Choice of 46 60 80 100 120 & 150 Grit Sizes
$12.80 excl tax

250x13x76.2 PA60KV (Code S250x13x76.2)

250x13x76.2 PA60KV Type 1 250mm diameter 13mm wide 76.2mm bore Pink Aluminium Oxide
$33.93 excl tax

300 x 20 x 127 WA46KV (Code 12002)

300 x 20 x 127 WA46KV White Aluminium Oxide
$34.06 excl tax

350 x 20 x 127 mm MA601K+V1 (Code CC210)

350 x 20 x 127 mm MA601K+V1 Grinding wheel Type 1 Maximum Operating Speed 1,910 RPM
$64.70 excl tax

457 x 25 x 203.2 Type 1 A60KV (Code MISC829)

457 x 25 x 203.2 A60KV Type 1 Maximum Operating Speed 1,670 RPM
$142.10 excl tax