Conditions of Use


Prices stated are exclusive of VAT and do not include delivery charges.

Any complaints or shortages must be advised upon receipt of delivery.

and returned to us within 7 days.

Dates for deliveries are approximate and we cannot be held responsible

For any delays

Any person using Abrasive products should be fully trained in their use and

Comply with the HSE regulations. In the case of Abrasive wheels this is The

Provision and use of Work Equipment regulations  1998 (PUWER).

Further details available upon request.

Immediately upon receipt all Grinding Wheels should be inspected

to make sure they have not been damaged in transit or otherwise.

STORAGE  Extreme care should be exercised in the storage of grinding wheels .

They should be kept in a dry place and supported on edge in racks . With the exception of

of Type 1 Straight sided wheels ¼” wide or less in thickness which should be laid  flat on a straight

surface to prevent warping. Further information regarding wheel storage available upon request.